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November 02, 2011 (Cleveland)

Hare Cited in For The Record Article

The Oct. 24, 2011, issue of For The Record features the article New Data Management Horizons for Registrars, which cites Toni Hare's article, Cancer Registry: Raising the Bar to Help Balance Supply and Demand, previously published in the Association of Community Cancer Centers' Oncology Issues, September/October 2010 Edition.

For The Record’s article cited Hare’s statement on the current supply and demand of the cancer registrar: "An estimated 7,300 cancer registrars are currently in the workforce, and by 2021, it is projected that at least 800 new registrars will be needed to meet demand . . . only 5 percent of CTR test takers are younger than age 29."

Toni’s 2010 article addressed this supply and demand i detail and defines the opportunities and challenges that exist for the cancer registry profession.

The For the Record article examines the growing need for cancer registrars in relation to the new emphasis on the need to collect better and more extensive cancer data to support accurate and cost-effective treatment modalities.

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