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March 02, 2012 (Cleveland)

CHAMPS Announces New Human Resources Service Line

CHAMPS Healthcare announces its unemployment compensation service line has evolved and is now CHAMPS Human Resources, providing personalized and strategic human resources administration, management and consulting services to all industries.

The decision to transform the business line from its unemployment compensation focus to a broader, more comprehensive human resources focus was made in May 2011 after the hire of new Vice President Andrea Dobrin. With a master’s degree in organizational development from Case Western Reserve University, Dobrin is an experienced HR professional with a strong background in consulting, labor negotiations, employee engagement, training, executive search and organizational development.

CHAMPS’ affiliation with The Center for Health Affairs, the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, provides the CHAMPS staff with a unique understanding of the challenges health care facilities face today. Expanding beyond health care, CHAMPS leveraged their 30 years of HR experience and expertise to partner with leadership in other industries, including manufacturing, public sector, non-profit and social services agencies.

This broad spectrum of experience allows CHAMPS staff a unique understanding of the challenges all organizations face regarding workforce supply and demand, fluctuating revenues, challenging regulations and the need for greater creativity and flexibility in overall management.

Because CHAMPS now offers more comprehensive services, clients benefit from a more systematic analysis of their entire human resources function. “Employees are nearly always the single highest business expense for an organization. Protecting that resource, developing and keeping the best possible employees are the critical components to a stable organization. And only a stable organization can maximize their revenue and reduce their expenses,” said Dobrin.

CHAMPS Human Resources’ mission is to help clients improve their bottom line by protecting and improving their greatest resource – their employees. “Unemployment costs can be proactively addressed by leveraging information learned during the employee off-boarding process,” said Samantha Sutter, director of operations. “Losing trained and talented employees is expensive, and CHAMPS aims to partner with clients to control these costs.”

CHAMPS HR services include comprehensive unemployment compensation administration; exit interview and off-boarding system; personnel system evaluations; development of job descriptions and compensation systems, hiring strategies, discipline and discharge consultation, policy manuals; labor relations; training services; organizational development; executive search and more.


CHAMPS Human Resources’ mission is to help clients improve their bottom line by protecting and improving their greatest resource, their employees, while controlling costs. Services include comprehensive unemployment compensation administration, HR administration, exit interview and off-boarding services, labor relations, training services, organizational development, executive search and more. Learn more and join our blog discussion at