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January 28, 2015 (Cleveland)

New Web-based System Provides Unique Cancer Data Analysis for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

For 30 years CHAMPS Oncology has specialized in cancer registry operations, cancer data collection and utilization, and Commission on Cancer (CoC) program consulting. Their newest venture, CHAMPS insight2oncology™ (i2o), leverages their expertise with cancer data, cancer data analysis and cancer program initiatives while incorporating their experience with healthcare policy, strategic planning and business intelligence.

This new web-based analytics system, i2o, transforms cancer data into actionable information to assist in cancer data analysis and the overall management of a hospital or healthcare system’s cancer service line. 

“i2o provides users with a new perspective of their current market position and the unique insight to manage and improve their cancer service line,” said Amber Gregg, insight2oncology’s developer. “It also allows them to complete a cancer data analysis and interpret their cancer data in order to identify gaps, retain and attract patients and make informed decisions with confidence.” 

i2o offers more than 75 custom cancer data reports, including patient-origin mapping in the following areas: 

  • Designed to reveal a facility’s referral patterns by:
  • Identifying acquisitions from specific facilities.
  • Identifying migration patterns within the system.

Identifying leakage to specific competitors. Designed to discover trends in utilization of services by:

  • Identifying number and type of services (e.g., radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery) provided.
  • Identifying three-year trends in service volumes.
  • Monitoring utilization rates by disease sites, payer mix, stage and migration. 

Designed to expose trends in disease categories by:

  • Identifying top-ten disease sites by volume and growth.
  • Comparing disease-site volumes across system facilities.
  • Monitoring disease-site trends by migration, stage, payer mix and race. 

i2o has been beta tested with two healthcare systems for the past year and is now exclusively available to eight additional i2o early adopters. Each early adopter will receive significant discounts, professional services and data exchanges throughout the early adopter three-year period.

One beta tester said, “CHAMPS i2o is changing the way our healthcare system is managing its practices both operationally and strategically.”

For more information about how CHAMPS i2o can assist with the cancer data analysis and overall management of your cancer services line and how your hospital or healthcare system can become an early adopter, contact us.