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insight2oncology®: Insightful Cancer Data at Your Fingertips

Discover the power of your cancer registry data through CHAMPS Oncology’s cloud-based analytics system, insight2oncology®, which transforms your cancer data into actionable information to assist in the overall management of your cancer service line. 

“insight2oncology is changing the way our healthcare system is managing its practices both operationally and strategically." - insight2oncology user

Wondering what insight2oncology cancer analytics can answer for you? insight2oncology...

...provides a new perspective of your current market position and the unique insight to manage and improve your cancer service line.

...allows you to collaborate with CHAMPS Oncology to analyze and interpet your cancer data in order to identify gaps, retain and attract patients, and make informed decisions with confidence.

...offers 100+ customizable reports including dashboards and patient origin mapping in the following areas: 

Migration  |  Utilization  |  Disease Sites  |  Community

Contact us to schedule an insight2oncology demo and to learn how insight2oncology can transform your cancer data into actionable information.