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July 09, 2015 (Cleveland)

Gregg and Schmidt's Article Highlights How Cancer Programs are at the Intersection of Community Needs Assessments

Community Needs Assessments CHAMPS Oncology’s Director of Analytics and Innovation Amber Gregg, MSHCPM, and Associate Vice President and Commission on Cancer-trained Consultant Karen Schmidt, CTR, are pleased to announce their article, “The Center of it All: How Cancer Programs are at the Intersection of Community Needs Assessments,” has been featured in the Association of Community Cancer Center’s July-August edition of Oncology Issues.

The healthcare quality movement continues to gain traction as payers, consumers and accrediting bodies increasingly push for greater accountability for results from providers. All aspects of the healthcare system have been impacted by the drive for continuous quality improvement, including the field of cancer care. Recent quality efforts have zeroed in on a desire to ensure care is patient-centered and responsive to community needs, often using community needs assessments, with widespread implications for cancer care providers.

“High-performing cancer programs support their hospital’s initiatives to effectively address the needs of the community by providing screening programs, community outreach activities, patient support initiatives, research to establish best practices in cancer care and educating those who contribute to a patient’s experience,” according to Schmidt.

Gregg and Schmidt’s article aims to clarify the role the community health needs assessment plays in helping cancer programs achieve or maintain accreditation while also creating effective programs and outreach strategies that respond to identified cancer care needs in the community.

Learn more about the cancer registry’s link to community-benefit reporting in Gregg and Schmidt’s May-June article published in Oncology Issues.

Contact us to learn more about how community needs assessments help cancer programs respond to identified cancer care needs in the community.