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May 18, 2015 (Cleveland)

Cancer Registry's Link to Community-Benefit Reporting the Focus of Gregg's Oncology Issues' Article

Cancer Registry’s Link to Community-Benefit Reporting the Focus of Gregg’s May-June Oncology Issues ArticleCHAMPS Oncology’s Director of Analytics and Innovation Amber Gregg, MSHCPM, is pleased to announce her article, "A Well-Kept Secret: The Cancer Registry’s Link to Community-Benefit Reporting," has been featured in the Association of Community Cancer Center's May-June edition of Oncology Issues.

For cancer care experts immersed in the daily battle to eradicate cancer, staying apprised of the latest policy changes that apply to their work can be challenging. One significant policy that is important for cancer care leaders to be aware of – and recognize their role in supporting – relates to hospital community-benefit reporting.

“The cancer registry’s role in providing benefits to the community and improving public health is essential for cancer care experts to convey to hospital leaders, who are under mounting pressure to justify their nonprofit tax exemption to government officials,” according to Gregg.

With the countless laws and regulations that govern healthcare providers, cancer leaders may not be aware that the cancer registry can be counted as part of a hospital’s community-benefit costs, specifically as a research activity. And while it is nearly impossible to stay on top of every new health policy, this one is certainly worth exploring since it ties not only to hospitals’ missions but also to their nonprofit tax status.

Download CHAMPS Oncology's one-pager, How Cancer Registry Expenses Support Community Benefit Reporting, to learn more.

Contact us to learn more about how cancer registry expenses can be incorporated into your hospital’s community-benefit reporting.