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What Our Clients Say

Intermountain Healthcare Testimonial
“Since CHAMPS Oncology completely assumed our cancer registry functions, we’ve experienced enhanced casefinding, abstracting, follow-up, data quality, custom reporting and analytics, as well as human resource oversight, including cancer registrar onboarding, training, and continued education. As a result of the timeliness and integrity of our cancer data, we’ve been able to utilize our data to look at market share, patient / caregiver distance traveled for services and other elements to develop our five-year strategic plan. I would highly recommend CHAMPS Oncology to other cancer centers throughout the country. They were terrific throughout the RFP process, during the staff transition and post go-live, providing high-quality service that’s very timely and professional."
Intermountain Healthcare Testimonial
“I felt extremely confident in CHAMPS Oncology’s approach to standardizing our system, from the data collection process, to monitoring the data quality and analyzing the collected data. There was no question – CHAMPS was the right choice as an outsourcing partner. Not only do we have confidence in our data now, our registrars are happy and receive regular training and education in order to improve their skills and processes.”
CHAMPS Oncology: Augusta Health Testimonial
"CHAMPS Oncology is going to be our long-term partner. They have demonstrated a commitment to our program and their personal investment of time and energy has fostered an ongoing, expanding and dynamic partnership outside of the traditional registry functions. CHAMPS is more than a one-stop shop for providing cancer registry services. Their ability to provide informatics and consultation alone are invaluable to the cancer center network."
OhioHealth Testimonial "I would recommend CHAMPS to other cancer programs because of their confidence, reliability, quality, accessibility and CoC consultation. I was hooked when I met with Toni Hare and the rest was history. CHAMPS started with Doctors Hospital and now provides services for six of our hospitals in central Ohio. I am so glad we met back in 2005!”
OhioHealth Testimonial
"CHAMPS Oncology has proven its comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the CoC standards through onsite consultation, mock surveys, education around the use of the registry and SAR, CoC prep and CoC meeting participation."
Marymount Testimonial
"The integrity and quality of our cancer data has improved by CHAMPS providing quality monitoring on data entries while completing them in a timely manner. They are also a resource for national practices, including CoC standards."
Southwest General Testimonial
“The integrity and quality of our cancer data has improved by CHAMPS Oncology’s registrar abstracting using new fields/data elements as new standards are created.”
OhioHealth Testimonial
"While working with CHAMPS, OhioHealth has had access to data and expertise, successful site surveys, and great customer service. The integrity and quality of our cancer data has improved while working with CHAMPS Oncology because of access to system information, insight2oncology® and CoC accreditation.”