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“Of course our cancer registrars were hesitant when we were looking to outsource our cancer registry. But CHAMPS Oncology was there every step of the way, treating our staff - our top priority - with the greatest respect. Since the transition, the staff is extremely happy and has seen CHAMPS’ value firsthand.”

-- CHAMPS Oncology Client

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CHAMPS Oncology's Registry Solutions Deliver a Greater Value

Beyond the comprehensive registry solution, CHAMPS Oncology delivers an even greater value by helping you streamline your everyday personnel needs. Our outsourcing registry solution allows you to concentrate solely on your cancer program rather than focusing your efforts on:

HR Support & Staffing  |  The CHAMPS comprehensive registry solution eliminates the need for full-time employees, benefits, hardware equipment, space allocation, as well as service interruptions during vacations, medical leaves and sick time.

IT Support & Equipment  |  CHAMPS provides hardware, secures connections and manages installs, updates, patches, antivirus and firewalls as part of its comprehensive registry solution.

Compliance & Policies  |  The CHAMPS registry solution includes an annual evaluation, review and approval of policies for data security, telecommuting, email and encryption.

Privacy & Security  |  CHAMPS provides a greater value through its comprehensive registry solution by protecting your information, enforcing your security standards, and focusing on confidentiality, integrity and data availability.

Operations  |  As part of its comprehensive registry solution, CHAMPS implements cancer registry operational efficiencies to streamline process and procedures to maximize your workflow and productivity.

In its 40+ year history, CHAMPS cancer registry experts have built strong relationships with many large healthcare systems - all of which completely outsource their cancer registry services to CHAMPS Oncology.

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