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CHAMPS Oncology: Cultivating Cancer Registry Careers

CHAMPS Oncology, a business affiliate of The Center for Health Affairs, is dedicated to improving patient care by delivering and transforming high-quality cancer data analytics into actionable information for cancer programs and healthcare providers across the country.

We don’t just provide CTR jobs. We cultivate cancer registry careers. And more importantly, give you a place to call home. As an organization, we know we’re only as good as our people, which is why we’re committed to keeping our talent satisfied and inspired by the cancer registry careers we provide. 

CHAMPS is looking for team members who...

  • Uphold high standards of data quality and accuracy.
  • Build and maintain long-term client relationships.
  • Solve problems proactively.
  • Complete detail-oriented and precise work.
  • Manage specialized work with confidence.
  • Want to make a difference and grow in their cancer registry career.

Why should you pursue a cancer registry career with CHAMPS?

How do CHAMPS' cancer registry careers promote professional development?

  • Generous tuition assistance benefits.
  • Ongoing education and support.
  • Opportunities to attend or speak at regional and national conferences.
  • Work-based learning experiences with cancer registry experts.
  • Immediate full-time position with no downtime during contracts.

What does CHAMPS provide team members?

  • Individualized growth plans.
  • Meaningful goals and performance reviews.
  • Regular follow-up and ongoing feedback.
  • In-house quality reviews.
  • Support network that works together as a team.
  • Opportunities to feature individual expertise as an Oncology Outlook blog author.

Do you have the passion and drive to take on a cancer registry career at CHAMPS?