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April 20, 2015

Updated Medicaid FAQ Focuses on Impact of Expansion in Northeast Ohio

2015 Medicaid FAQThe Center for Health Affairs recently updated its Medicaid FAQ to address questions repeatedly emphasized by Ohio lawmakers. The 2015 Medicaid FAQ summarizes the impact extending the state’s Medicaid program has had in Northeast Ohio.

Two years ago, when Medicaid expansion was first debated by state lawmakers, The Center released the first edition of its Medicaid extension FAQ booklet to clarify key points about the program. The updated Medicaid FAQ provides answers to recurring questions, dispels common misconceptions and provides updated enrollment figures since the coverage was expanded in 2014. The pamphlet-like format allows readers to easily access key facts and figures, including who has become covered since last year and what impact expansion has had on the health of those patients.

The state legislature will need to reauthorize the use of federal funds to keep Medicaid expansion in place by the end of June. To ensure that policymakers have the information they need for this important discussion, The Center recently mailed the updated Medicaid FAQ, along with its annual welcome packet, to the members of the Northeast Ohio delegation of lawmakers. 

To learn more about this topic, visit The Center’s Ohio Medicaid issue site.

For more information regarding the Medicaid FAQ, visit The Center’s website, or contact Tony Gutowski at 216.255.3610 or via email.