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February 20, 2012 (Cleveland)

StudentMAX™ Reports Provide Users with Clinical Placement Activity Data

In early March, StudentMAX™ annual reports, generated by The Center for Health Affairs and its workforce initiative NEONI, will be distributed to hospitals and nursing education programs, summarizing for each organization their StudentMAX™ clinical placement activity for the 2010-2011 academic year.

This year, NEONI utilized an enhanced reporting tool to generate these customized report with the most accurate data. StudentMAX™ version 4.0, implemented in December 2010, has enabled NEONI to capture both the number of scheduled (anticipated) students for each clinical, and the number of actual students who attended. We are also now able to track clinicals that were cancelled or released. Overall in the 2010-2011 academic year, 26 hospitals and 29 nursing education programs used StudentMAX™ to place 10,525 students in 2,049 clinical placements.

Accompanying these customized annual reports will be the users’ 2012 StudentMAX™ participation invoices. StudentMAX™ fees have been restructured to more evenly distribute program costs between hospitals and schools of nursing. Now, fees encompass a uniform access fee per client, in addition to a charger for the actual number of students attending clinicals, with no fee applied to clinicals that were cancelled or released temporarily.

In 2011, StudentMAX™ users around the country, including NEONI’s users, had the opportunity to participate in a focus group with the Oregon Center for Nursing and their software developers. Based on their feedback, Oregon has decided to roll out StudentMAX™ 5.0 in spring 2012. StudentMAX™ state coordinators will meet in Portland for training and orientation in March. Training for NEONI’s clients will follow.

If you would like to see your hospital’s customized StudentMAX™ annual report, or if you have any questions, please contact Sandy Anderson, StudentMAX™ System Administrator, at 216.255.3651 or sandy.anderson@chanet.org.


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