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May 29, 2012 (Cleveland)

Latest Issue Brief Examines Increasing Emphasis on Patient Experience

Patient experience is an area of focus that has become increasingly important to hospital leaders in recent years. A growing number of studies have linked a patient’s experience not just to their overall satisfaction but also to their health outcomes. What’s more, like any industry, hospitals lose customers when the services they provide are not satisfactory.  Value-based purchasing, which ties actual dollars to patient experience scores, has intensified hospitals’ effort to improve customer service. Patients themselves have long understood that there are factors beyond clinical practice that influence quality care and are beginning to expect more from their care givers. For hospital administrators, it has become very clear that the time to ensure the highest quality experience is now.

The Center’s latest issue brief, entitled The Growing Focus on Patient Experience and Why It Matters, examines the policies and trends driving the push to adopt practices to improve patient experience and how hospitals are pursuing this goal. To read this publication or to see other issue briefs in The Center’s collection, please visit the issue briefs section of our website.


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