Issue Briefs on Healthcare and Hospital Policy Topics
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Issue Briefs on Healthcare and Hospital Policy Topics

To inform legislators and other community leaders on relevant issues affecting the healthcare industry, The Center published Issue Briefs on healthcare for many years. These Issue Briefs on healthcare provided member hospitals and the community with timely, accurate and meaningful information on hospital and healthcare policies, practices and procedures. Topics included primary care physician shortage, food insecurity and chronic disease, opioid abuse, patient-centered medical homes, infant mortality, and many more. Browse the list below to view individual Issue Briefs from our archive.

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December 2017

Issue Brief Explores the Pay for Success Model

To improve the health of populations, focusing on clinical care alone is not sufficient. Increasingly, there is a growing recognition that conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, w ... read more

October 2017

Issue Brief Examines the American Diet

More and more, hospitals are taking on the role – and being held financially responsible for – improving the overall health status of their communities. Yet, these efforts are confounded by decades& ... read more

March 2017

Issue Brief Examines Primary Care Physician Shortage

Primary care is a crucial component of the U.S. healthcare system. Successful management of chronic disease as well as effective preventive care are vital to ensuring good outcomes for patients and controlling ... read more

October 2016

Issue Brief Examines the Link Between Food Insecurity, Nutrition and Chronic Disease

The Center for Health Affairs’ November 2016 Issue Brief, Getting to Healthy: Food Insecurity, Nutrition and the Battle Against Chronic Disease, examines the issue of access to nutritious food w ... read more

August 2016

Issue Brief Explores the Many Facets of Opioid Abuse

The Center for Health Affairs' August 2016 Issue Brief, A Growing Epidemic: Battling Opioid Abuse in Ohio, explores the many facets of the opioid abuse epidemic and discusses the extensive work underway to stem ... read more

April 2016

Issue Brief Examines a Century of Healthcare in Northeast Ohio

The Center for Health Affairs' May 2016 Issue Brief, A Century of Service: Healthcare in Northeast Ohio from 1916 to Today, examines the early days of the Cleveland Hospital Council, major milestones in he ... read more

January 2016

Issue Brief Takes Close Look at Patient-Centered Medical Homes

The Center for Health Affairs' February 2016 Issue Brief, Patient-Centered Medical Homes: A Transformation in Primary Care, explains what patient-centered medical homes are, what they are intended to accomplish ... read more

November 2015

Issue Brief Examines Community Health Impact

The Center for Health Affairs' November 2015 Issue Brief, Boosting Community Health Impact: The Vital Role of Collaboration, examines how health needs assessments are shaping local health collaboratives. Hospit ... read more

August 2015

Issue Brief Examines Evolution of Healthcare Reimbursement

The Affordable Care Act, the national health reform legislation commonly called Obamacare, was arguably the most influential piece of policy to affect the nation’s healthcare system in decades. It is best ... read more

April 2015

Issue Brief Examines Infant Mortality as Important Indicator of Nation's Health

The Center’s May 2015 Issue Brief, Infant Mortality in the U.S. & Ohio: A Reflection of Complex Societal Changes examines the problem of infant mortality, including its rates, causes and disparit ... read more

January 2015

Issue Brief Examines Affordable Care Act Pros and Cons Two Years In

The Center’s February 2015 Issue Brief, Affordable Care Act: What’s Working Well & What’s Not, examines the Affordable Care Act pros and cons and provides an update on how health reform ha ... read more

November 2014

Hospital Price Transparency Topic of Latest Issue Brief

Typically when making a purchase, one of the first factors we consider is price. However, when it comes to healthcare, including hospital services, the issue of price tags is a complex matter. Yet, as patients ... read more

July 2014

Issue Brief Highlights Health Needs Assessment Findings, Examines Hospital Case Studies

To most effectively address the health needs of the communities they serve, hospitals routinely conduct community health needs assessments (CHNAs) to give them a clearer picture of the health concerns in their ... read more

May 2014

May 2014 Issue Brief Discusses Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

The Center’s May 2014 Issue Brief takes a look at how emerging technologies in healthcare are changing the practice of medicine in the United States. While Health Information Technology (HIT) – the ... read more

February 2014

Issue Brief Examines the Impact of the Baby Boomer Generation on the U.S. Healthcare System

The Center’s February 2014 publication, Bracing for the Boomers: Addressing the Healthcare and Workforce Challenges of a Generation, takes a look at how the aging and retirement of the baby boomer ge ... read more

November 2013

November Issue Brief Discusses Growing Emergency Department Visits and Utilization

The Center’s most recent publication, Modern-Day Emergency Departments: Rewriting the Script, discusses recent trends in today’s emergency departments. Specifically, this white paper examines what&r ... read more

June 2013

Childhood Obesity: Weighing in on a Generation at Risk

The Center’s June 2013 issue brief, Childhood Obesity: Weighing in on a Generation at Risk, highlights current childhood obesity trends, what is driving them and a variety of initiatives and policy soluti ... read more

March 2013

Healthcare at the End of Life: A Look at Current Trends

The Center’s March 2013 issue brief, Healthcare at the End of Life: A Look at Current Trends, takes a look at EOL healthcare trends, including the use of palliative and hospice care, advance directives a ... read more

December 2012

The Emerging Field of Patient Navigation: A Golden Opportunity to Improve Healthcare

Medical care has grown increasingly sophisticated, offering ever-more promise of successful treatment and positive outcomes for even some of the most devastating illnesses. Yet, for many patients realizing this ... read more

August 2012

Health Insurance Exchanges: Building an Insurance Marketplace in the Midst of Uncertainty

Many states, including Ohio, have not yet committed to an exchange strategy despite the nearing deadline. This issue brief, entitled Health Insurance Exchanges: Building an Insurance Marketplace in the Mid ... read more

May 2012

The Growing Focus on Patient Experience and Why It Matters

Patient experience is an area of focus that has become increasingly important to hospital leaders in recent years. Like any industry, hospitals lose customers when the services they provide are not satisfactory ... read more

March 2012

Changing Environment, Changing Market: How Northeast Ohio Hospitals Are Evolving to Serve their Communities

Communities, like people, change over time.  They age, for example, or the experience other shifts in demographics.  And as they change so do their healthcare needs.  As a result, the healthcare ... read more

December 2011

Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act: How Health Reform Changed the Game for the Insurance Industry

The role of health insurance in the nation’s healthcare system continues its evolution. In 2010 Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as an attempt, in large part, to correct some ... read more

September 2011

Healthcare Consumerism and the Growing Importance of Patient Decision Making

The growing movement of healthcare consumerism is essentially an answer to the call for greater patient involvement in the healthcare system. The overriding concept behind this movement is nothing new.  Hea ... read more

June 2011

Behavioral Healthcare Checkup: Are We Where We Need to Be?

Behavioral health is just as important to our overall wellbeing as is physical health. Like chronic physical illness, behavioral health disorders, which include both mental illnesses and substance abuse dis ... read more

March 2011

Looking for a New Direction: Ohio Medicaid at a Crossroads

Though there’s no denying the value of Medicaid to the vulnerable populations it serves, this safety net does not come without a cost.  Medicaid is a very expensive program, often the largest in a state’s b ... read more

December 2010

Health Reform's Cost Impact: Can More Be Done to Bend the Cost Curve

Though every nation struggles to balance cost with access and quality, the United States seems to face a particular challenge in getting the cost side of the equation right, spending significantly m ... read more

September 2010

Moving Toward HITECH Healthcare: EHR Adoption at the Dawn of a New Era

The national healthcare landscape is changing. Health reform has brought about a transformation that will impact the way that healthcare is delivered, the way it is paid for and the way it is accessed. But ... read more

June 2010

The Continuum of Care: The Pivotal Role of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care in Healthcare Delivery

The continuum of care encompasses a comprehensive range of healthcare services meant to promote the health of an individual throughout the span of their lifetime.  Services along the continuum are plentiful ... read more

March 2010

Following a Greener Path: How Hospitals are Healing Patients and Preserving the Planet

In increasing numbers, hospitals are joining the ranks of organizations that have made an environmentally focused cultural shift. To be sure, there is no shortage of good reasons for hospitals to embark on ... read more

December 2009

On the Brink of Change: The Continuing Evolution of Health Insurance in America

How should people pay for the healthcare services they receive?  For those with insurance, the answer is usually pretty easy but for the 46 million uninsured, it is a lot less straightforward.  In the past ... read more

August 2009

Quality 101: Unraveling a Key Concept in America's Healthcare Debate

"Quality” is, no doubt, one of the most prevalent buzzwords when it comes to healthcare. A variety of reports have been published on the subject in recent years, and in the current environment of healthcare ... read more

June 2009

A Trove of Opportunity: Northeast Ohio Healthcare Sector Offers Strong Employment Prospects

Northeast Ohio is a global healthcare hub, drawing patients from across the country and around the world, and paving the way in medical research. And while there are many resources that contribute to the we ... read more

March 2009

Unlocking the Potential: The Crucial Role of Public Health in Tackling Chronic Disease

Though chronic disease is often thought of in terms of how it is treated medically, the reality is, we may stand to gain the most, in terms of collective health, by implementing successful public health ini ... read more

December 2008

Achieving Universal Health Coverage: Solutions From at Home & Abroad

The good news is, if you live in America, you reside in the home of some of the most sophisticated, medically advanced technology in the world. And for most, namely the 84 percent with some form of health i ... read more

August 2008

A Walk in Their Shoes: Challenges Facing Today's Hospital Administrators

Every day, hospitals in the United States provide care and services to heal the sick and take care of those in need. It is the job of hospital administrators to ensure that nonprofit hospitals are focused o ... read more

May 2008

Through Frank’s Eyes: Hospital Care from a Patient Perspective

Providing patient care in a hospital setting seems like a fairly straightforward endeavor. In reality, so many factors play into providing patient care that a trip to the hospital can be overwhelming, espec ... read more

November 2007

Seeking a Remedy: Growing Need for Nurses Requires a Collaborative Approach

As the largest sector of the healthcare workforce, nurses represent a key component of an effective healthcare delivery system. Yet the ability of the healthcare system to perform at peak capacity is threat ... read more

September 2007

The Evolution of Medicaid Managed Care in Ohio

Rising healthcare spending prompted Ohio to begin experimenting with Medicaid managed care over 25 years ago. The managed care market has changed over the years, yet area hospitals’ interests in ensuring Me ... read more

August 2007

Updated - Hospital Finance 101

CHA has updated one of its most popular issue briefs to reflect the most recently available data on hospital finance. A basic understanding of hospital finance is crucial as leaders continue to create polic ... read more

June 2007

Through the Looking Glass: Understanding Hospital Pricing

With consumers being required to shoulder more responsibility for their healthcare costs, there is growing pressure on providers to simplify prices and billing statements to make them more easily understood ... read more

January 2007

A Look at the Year Ahead: Health Policy Issues in the Spotlight

The shift in the balance of power from Republicans to Democrats in Congress and in the Ohio governor’s mansion may provide a new twist, and perhaps inspire some new approaches, but the familiar issues of co ... read more

September 2006

Caring for a Changing Community: How Northeast Ohio Hospitals are Serving a Diverse Population

The ability to connect with and understand patients is key to caring for them. Shifting demographics are resulting in an increasingly diverse population, which presents new opportunities for effectively and ... read more

August 2006

Northeast Ohio Hospitals: Our Economic Future

While manufacturing was once the heart of the region's economy, the decline of that industry is necessitating a fresh look at our local resources and a new strategy for cultivating a robust economy. As the ... read more

April 2006

The Focus on Quality: A Closer Look at a National Trend

Quality improvement has long been a part of hospitals’ day-to-day operations. It is a cornerstone of every hospital’s mission, and they stake their reputations on their ability to provide quality care. In r ... read more

August 2005

The Value of Modern Medicine: Understanding Rising Healthcare Spending

This paper explores the situation regarding healthcare spending, including to what degree it has risen, where the nation’s healthcare dollar is being spent, and what factors have contributed to the increase ... read more

April 2005

Medicaid Code Blue: Saving the Safety Net

As Medicaid continues to absorb ever larger portions of both the state and federal budgets, there is growing concern about the future affordability of the program. This paper explains how Medicaid is admini ... read more

January 2005

Tipping the Scale to the Benefit of Our Community: The Real Value of Hospitals' Nonprofit Tax Status

Not only are hospitals a staple of the Northeast Ohio economy in terms of employment and the economic activity they generate, the activities associated with their charitable missions also provide vast benef ... read more

September 2004

Is Inefficiency Ailing the Healthcare System?

This paper explores how healthcare financing, consumer behavior and regulation have influenced the healthcare system, and the role these factors play in the system's ultimate ability to function efficiently ... read more

August 2004

Protecting Access to Care Through Civil Justice Reform

High jury awards, medical liability insurance market instability and subsequent professional liability premium increases are affecting access to physicians in Ohio. Download the acco ... read more

April 2004

The Domino Effect of the Uninsured

This issue brief paints a picture of the uninsured and describes the domino effect of the lack of insurance on individuals, providers and society. Download the accompanying PowerPoin ... read more

February 2004

Hospital Finance 101

A basic understanding of hospital finance is crucial as leaders continue to create policy that shapes healthcare financing. This 30,000-foot view of hospital finance is intended to shed some light on the co ... read more

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