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April 08, 2013 (Cleveland)

Medicaid Extension FAQ to Serve as Go-To Guide for Lawmakers

Medicaid Extension FAQThe Center for Health Affairs has just released its Medicaid extension FAQ to address the abundance of questions repeatedly emphasized by Ohio policymakers. The brochure summarizes the impact extending the state’s current Medicaid program would have on Northeast Ohio. 

After meeting with dozens of lawmakers on the topic and learning of the numerous questions they had, the need for The Center to release the Medicaid extension FAQ became clear. The publication is intended to serve as a go-to answer book to recurring questions and as a vehicle to dispel common misconceptions as legislators prepare to make their decision on Medicaid extension. The pamphlet-like format allows for readers to easily access key facts and figures of the proposal, including who would be covered by the extension and what costs Ohio would incur over time. 

Decisions by the state legislature to expand the existing program must be made by the end of June; however, lawmakers are already carefully considering the issue with a series of votes scheduled prior to June. To ensure that the lawmakers have the information they need for this important debate, The Center has arranged for the Medicaid extension FAQ to be waiting for them as they return this week from their spring recess. 

To learn more about this topic, visit The Center's Ohio Medicaid issue site. 

For more information regarding the Medicaid extension FAQ, visit The Center’s website, or contact Deanna Moore at 216.255.3614 or deanna.moore@chanet.org


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