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January 25, 2017 (Cleveland)

An Interview with Timothy L. Jarm, The Center’s New President and CEO

New President and CEOOn Jan. 30 The Center for Health Affairs enters a new era. On this day, current president and CEO Bill Ryan steps down to begin his retirement and new leader Tim Jarm will begin his work as the association’s seventh president. Jarm, a certified healthcare executive, brings more than 30 years in healthcare leadership experience to this role, most recently as president of Louisville, KY-based Alliant Management Services, the third largest hospital management company in the U.S.

In conversations with staff, Jarm has expressed his eagerness to get to know members, clients and community partners once he has started in his role as The Center’s new president and CEO. In preparation for his arrival, The Center’s communications team interviewed Jarm and compiled his responses to help the community learn a little bit more about him.

Q  What excites you most about becoming The Center’s new president and CEO?
A This is an answer with multiple parts. First, I’m very excited to be joining an organization with such an impressive 100-year legacy. The fact that greater Cleveland is a national leader in the healthcare industry really stands out to me and I know The Center is at least in part responsible for that. Second, you wouldn’t see this type of impact if it wasn’t for the people. I’m looking forward to working with a team that multiplies the impact of the organization and makes a real difference in the community. Lastly, I love the entrepreneurial spirit of The Center. I’m looking forward to continuing to pursue the type of innovation that can have a transformative impact on the healthcare delivery system.
Can you tell us a little about your family?
A I’ve been married to my wife Leigh since 1989 and we have four children. Alec, 24, who graduated from the Naval Academy, is a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, training to be a pilot; Kinsey, 21, is a professional ballerina with Ballet Magnificat! In Jackson, MS; Sydney, 18, is a senior at Christian Academy of Louisville, loves lacrosse and has just been accepted to Liberty University; and Brooke, 14, is passionate about ballet. 
Q What is one quality you have that will make you successful as The Center’s new president and CEO? 
A One quality I’ve found very helpful in my career is my ability to listen. When you take the time to listen to your team, to customers, to the community, you are better able to understand the big picture and help craft a plan for success.
Q If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
A I would go to Slovenia. My daughter and I went there on a mission trip and our schedule did not allow us to do much exploring. My heritage is 100 percent Slovenian and I’d love to have the chance to go back and really see it.
What do you plan to prioritize when you begin your new role?
A In the first 90 days I want to really focus on getting to know the team, our members and our clients and I want to ensure our 2017 strategic direction is well-aligned with the needs of the members. My ultimate goal is to make sure we are actively providing services to support the members and our clients. I want us to strive for innovation and to create an environment where we challenge the status quo and take risks that will move us forward.
Q   What is your favorite type of food or restaurant? 
 (Laughing) Yes! All of it! 

If you’re interested in learning more about The Center’s new president and CEO, stay tuned. The Center will continue to provide opportunities for its staff, members and community partners to get to know Mr. Jarm. For more information, please contact Deanna Moore, vice president corporate communications at 216.255.3614 or via email.