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December 17, 2020 (Cleveland, OH)

Three-Part Hospital Community Benefit Webinar Series Launches in January

Hospital Community BenefitThe Center for Health Affairs is hosting a three-part webinar series launching Jan. 27 on hospital community benefit. The purpose of the series is to explain the nuances of community benefit and allow member hospitals and health systems to spotlight some of their core programs serving their communities.

The first in the series will feature The Center’s Lisa Anderson, senior vice president, and Bob Kaliszewski, project manager of finance and reimbursement, who will set the context around community benefit by discussing federal reporting requirements and which types of programs and initiatives are considered hospital community benefit.

In two additional webinars planned for February, hospital leaders will share information about some of the specific initiatives underway at their facilities. One session will focus on programs that promote community building and community health improvement and the other will spotlight the areas of research and health professional education.

In 2018, Northeast Ohio hospitals provided $1.6 billion in community benefit, according to an analysis of their Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filings by The Center. When Medicare shortfall and bad debt were added to the equation, Northeast Ohio hospitals’ contribution surpasses $2 billion.

The webinar series will be available free of charge and details on how and where to watch will soon be available.

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