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January 26, 2016

Issue Brief Takes Close Look at Patient-Centered Medical Homes

February 2015 Issue Brief - Patient-Centered Medical Homes: A Transformation in Primary CareThe Center for Health Affairs' February 2016 Issue Brief, Patient-Centered Medical Homes: A Transformation in Primary Care, explains what patient-centered medical homes are, what they are intended to accomplish, and how far along they are in their implementation.

According to often-cited statistics, the United States spends considerably more on healthcare but experiences worse population health than many other countries around the globe. As policymakers, healthcare providers and other stakeholders have searched for solutions, one fact has become clear: primary care has a vital role to play. 

While its origins are decades old, a model of care has somewhat recently emerged that experts think holds considerable promise for fixing what ails the American healthcare system. Called patient-centered medical homes, this is a way of providing care that capitalizes on the strengths and potential of primary care providers to more effectively tailor and oversee the delivery of care to patients.

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