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Boards of Directors - The Center and its Affiliates

The Center for Health Affairs and its affiliates are governed by four boards of directors, including:

The Center for Health Affairs' Board of Directors

The Center for Health Affairs' board of directors helps support Northeast Ohio hospital advocacy initiatives by focusing efforts on areas that benefit the healthcare community from a regional approach: Community Health, Emergency Preparedness, Finance & ReimbursementNortheast Ohio Hospital Opioid Consortium, Volume Statistics. The Center's board of directors is governed by and consists of community leaders and administrators of hospitals and healthcare systems in Northeast Ohio. These individuals are responsible for all business of the association and have the authority to adopt policy for the association. The Center's board consists of elected directors who typically meet quarterly.

CHA-Community Health Affairs Board

The CHA-Community Health Affairs board of directors is governed by and consists of hospital, academic and community leaders in Northeast Ohio. The CHA-Community Health Affairs board works to support the association in addressing high-priority healthcare needs and issues in the community that align with The Center for Health Affairs’ Member Engagement Committee. The CHA-Community Health Affairs board consists of trustees at-large who typically meet quarterly.

CHAMPS Healthcare Board

CHAMPS Healthcare is governed by HealthComp, Inc. The individuals serving on this board lend their time and talents to assist The Center for Health Affairs' business affiliates, CHAMPS Group Purchasing and CHAMPS Oncology, with long-term growth and sustainability.

To learn more about the boards of directors for The Center and its affiliates, contact us.


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