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NEONI: The Center for Health Affairs' Nursing Collaborative

NEONI, The Center for Health Affairs' workforce initiative, is a collaborative of Northeast Ohio nursing leaders from both practice and academia.


The mission of NEONI is to advance nursing through collaboration with practice, education, and intra-professional partners.


The purpose of NEONI is to identify and address healthcare issues and initiatives within Northeast Ohio through collaborative efforts. NEONI will research, educate, and engage regional stakeholders, as well as develop initiatives that drives solutions to align practice and academia across the continuum of care. NEONI will provide support to the profession during times of rapid healthcare disruption.

Since 2000, NEONI has grown to include more than 200 nurses from 74 organizations and 12 counties. NEONI and its members represent hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health organizations, schools of nursing, professional nursing associations as well as other individual healthcare stakeholders.

Through grant funds, fundraisers and conferences, NEONI has developed, implemented and sustained a number of programs that continue to strengthen the healthcare workforce. NEONI's Nursing Forecaster is a tool that allows for predictions to be made up to a decade into the future regarding the supply of and demand for nurses in the region, in order to assess future workforce needs.

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