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NEONI’s Nursing Forecaster Predicts Future Nursing Workforce Needs

Future nursing workforce predictions are available to any region by utilizing NEONI’s Nursing Forecaster, a tool developed to predict supply and demand for licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and advanced practice nurses in a given area.

NEONI’s Nursing Forecaster also provides a precise way of assisting nursing leaders and educators in their efforts to plan and prepare a future nursing workforce for decades to come. The Forecaster incorporates a number of data sets including:

  • Population
  • Demographics (age, gender, diversity, education)
  • Health insurance levels
  • Economic conditions
  • Level of patient care mix (acute and long-term care)
  • Current supply and demand for the region’s future nursing workforce
In 2015, NEONI’s Nursing Forecaster revealed the shortage of nurses is expected to increase from 750 to 3,500 in 2020 for the Northeast Ohio region. Learn more about this Northeast Ohio shortage and more in the region’s infographic.

NEONI has also worked with the state of Maine and Louisiana as well as areas throughout Ohio to determine these regions’ future nursing workforce needs.

For more information on NEONI’s Nursing Forecaster and your future nursing workforce, contact us.