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prep2practice™: Collaborating to Develop a Strong Future Workforce

prep2practice, powered by The Center for Health Affairs, is an online tool that works with businesses and schools to match students with real-life experiences in:

 Healthcare  IT-icon  IT construction-icon  Construction
 Advanced Manufacturing      engineering-icon  Engineering      creative-industries-icon  Creative Industries & more

This system provides a centralized online location for businesses, schools and students to work collaboratively to create and coordinate prep2practice experiences. 

Businesses: Why Participate?
prep2practice advances businesses strategic workforce planning efforts by expanding their reach to future employees.

Schools: Why Participate?
prep2practice helps schools make the connection with local businesses to support students with career preparation.

Students: Why Participate?
prep2practice lets students discover the possibilities of their future through real-life job shadowing experiences.

See how the prep2practice process works.

Are you a business, school or student interested in prep2practice? Experiences are being created and are available to students. Contact us to get started.