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prep2practice™: A Career Preparation Tool For Students

prep2practice™ is a powerful career preparation tool that makes the job shadowing process SIMPLE for you, the student and the parent. 

Why Utilize prep2practiceTM?

In the coming decade, the size of the workforce is projected to shrink by 11 percent and most employers will face workforce shortages. As a result they are seeking to develop their workforce pipeline by educating students and potential future employees about jobs with career advancement potential. At the same time, many students are unsure of their career options as they approach graduation, and their schools and parents are challenged to assist them.

How Can prep2practiceTM Help?

prep2practice™assists with career preparation by…

  • Granting your school access to a tool that streamlines the student shadowing process. 
  • Providing an online space for students to explore and obtain job shadowing opportunities. 
  • Offering a centralized, online workforce planning tool for businesses to reach students.

How Does prep2practiceTM Work?

prep2practice experiences can be offered any time during the year and can range from a tour, one-on-one shadow and/or a multi-day project. Experiences can provide students with an overview of a business’ entire operation or an intensive introduction to a single aspect. See how the process works.

By working with businesses, prep2practice offers students real-life career exploration opportunities in...

 Healthcare  IT-update-Final  IT
construction---update  Construction manufacturing-update  Advanced Manufacturing
 Engineering   creative-industries---update  Creative Industries & more