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Patient Experience & Quality

From care collaboration and coordination tools, patient communication and EHR smart ribbons, these Essentials Patient Experience & Quality vendors can empower healthcare and social service agencies to enhance patient outcomes and improve provider click rates and efficiencies.  

Essentials Patient Experience & Quality Vendors

Collective Medical

Help disparate care teams collaborate in real-time to improve outcomes, reduce readmissions and support the most vulnerable patients.

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A non-intrusive Smart Ribbon of information embedded within EMRs to provide real-time data so physicians can order less expensive tests and medications.

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Community Wisdom   

Prioritize community perspectives to strategically develop or partner with programs and services that people will actually use.

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Patient Wisdom

Understand what matters to each patient, ahead of clinical encounters, and transform the delivery of care.

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Provider Wisdom

Obtain real-world insights from clinicians, staff and trainees to enhance engagement and alignment, address burnout, and improve care.

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Cloud 9

Cloud9 is a premier digital wellness company that offers medical-grade meditations and mindfulness content designed for specific medical and mental health conditions. White label this tool for your staff and patients.

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