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Hospital Finance And Reimbursement

The Center for Health Affairs Hospital Finance and Reimbursement initiatives give member hospitals the competitive edge necessary to stay viable in today’s healthcare marketplace. Every day, hospitals in Northeast Ohio provide care and services to heal the sick and take care of those in need. 

It is the job of hospital finance and reimbursement professionals to ensure their institutions are financially capable of meeting patient needs. The Center for Health Affairs undertakes a variety of initiatives to help the region’s finance and reimbursement professionals do their jobs successfully, allowing hospitals to focus on meeting the needs of their patients.

Today, The Center for Health Affairs finance and reimbursement initiatives are more important than ever with Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private payers, continually finding ways to shrink reimbursements. One of the primary ways The Center for Health Affairs supports hospital finance and reimbursement departments is by staying abreast of developments and ensuring member hospitals are aware of reimbursement changes that may impact their bottom line.

For years, The Center's Volume Statistics have provided the region’s hospital leaders with the market data they need to make informed finance decisions. Other projects, such as the Medicare Wage Index initiative, have succeeded in maximizing reimbursement to Northeast Ohio hospitals. 

The Center for Health Affairs Finance and Reimbursement website is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for hospital leaders. If you have a question about these resources or if you want additional information, please contact us


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