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    Hospital Price Transparency 101: Understanding the Basics

    Price Transparency 101


    Hospital price transparency is one of the most discussed topics in modern healthcare. Patients are increasingly asking for information about out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services, yet for providers, coming up with an answer that is understandable is not always easy. Since it can be difficult to determine exactly what treatment a person might need until tests and examinations are complete, it can be a challenge to estimate total cost to the patient. Even when it is possible for a patient to get an estimate, the complexity of the healthcare jargon associated with price can make the answer difficult to decipher. The following hospital price transparency Q & A was designed to help demystify the most common questions pertaining to hospital pricing and cover topics such as commonly used pricing terminology, the reasons behind price differences and the importance of considering quality.

    Click through the questions below for answers that will help you better understand the hospital price transparency basics or download the complete list of questions on price transparency.

    Price & Payment Questions

    Coverage Questions

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