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Volume Statistics

The Center for Health Affairs Volume Statistics Program collects 24 data points each month from its Northeast Ohio hospital members. Indicators of volume are collected for:

  • Inpatients
  • Inpatient & Outpatient Surgeries
  • Emergency Care
  • Observations Services

The data collected from each hospital are then aggregated into a report containing 118 indicators, including calculations for the average length of stay and the average daily census for five inpatient service types.

Volume Statistics Reporting

The Center for Health Affairs leverages new technologies and software to turn around the data and produce reports as quickly as two weeks from the end of a reporting period. Hospitals are able to submit new data and update previous records quickly with a customized website. Current reports and a full archive of historic data are housed on a secure website.

The Volume Statistics Program is periodically updated by an advisory committee. Participating institutions send delegates to discuss needed changes to indicator definitions, add new indicators, or remove indicators as needed. The advisory committee also works together to standardize processes used to report data into the program to ensure valid and reliable reports.

Reports are published on a monthly basis. Hospitals and systems are also able to request special analytical projects and ad hoc reporting assistance from The Center for Health Affairs. The Center’s staff has assisted member hospitals with research and analysis on shifts in market share, changes in market size, and growth trends in the Northeast Ohio hospital market.

The volume statistics report and data are used for a variety of purposes and functions in the hospital industry. Data are leveraged for forecasting and decision making in marketing, budgeting, finance, and strategic planning. Individual organizations and The Center for Health Affairs also use aggregated regional data for industry advocacy and government relations.

Volume Statistics data is restricted to members of The Center for Health Affairs and can be accessed here. For more information on Volume Statistics or instructions on how to access the data, please contact us.


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