Community Health Improvement Week: Highlighting The Center’s Engagement to Improve Community Health

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 6/13/2024

Community Health Improvement week is upon us, but what exactly does it entail? This week is designated to be a time to recognize the people and organizations working in partnership to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities and advance health equity.


#HAVhope Friday Shines a Light on Work to End Workplace Violence

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 6/6/2024

Today marks the eighth annual #HAVhope Friday. Founded by the American Hospital Association (AHA), Hospitals Against Violence (HAV) Day unites hospitals, health systems, nurses, doctors and other health professionals across the country as well as the local and national organizations they work with, to combat violence through the use of digital media. 


The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted By Jodi Mitchell | 5/23/2024

Since its founding in 1949 by the organization Mental Health America (MHA), Mental Health Awareness Month has been helping raise awareness for the importance of mental health and mental illness education. Observed in May, this month is a time to discuss how to eliminate stigma and build an environment in which individuals can be accepted, comfortably share their stories, and find help without fear of judgment.


The Relationship Between the Health of our Planet and Social Determinants of Health

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 4/25/2024

On April 22, we celebrated Earth Day and were reminded of how delicate our relationship with the planet can be. Just like the plants and animals in nature, we’re connected to the health of the land, sea and sky. 


Black Maternal Health Week: Disparities in Healthcare and the Importance of Representation Among Providers

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 4/4/2024

Beginning next week, from April 11 to 17, we celebrate Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW). Founded by Black Mamas Matter Alliance in 2018, BMHW was created in an effort to raise awareness, promote activism and encourage community-building to amplify the voices and perspectives of birthing people and improve Black maternal health.  


Breaking the Stigma: The Power of Mental Health and Substance Use Awareness

Posted By Jodi Mitchell | 3/14/2024

In our society, discussions around behavioral health, substance use and mental health often carry a heavy burden of stigma which can prevent individuals from seeking help and perpetuate a cycle of suffering in silence. However, by fostering open dialogue and promoting awareness and education, existing barriers can be overcome.


Using Data to Inform the Maternal and Infant Health Crisis

Posted By Libby McGraw | 2/29/2024

Addressing social determinants of health and providing equitable, high-quality healthcare and community-based interventions are important to reducing maternal and infant deaths, and can be a helpful resource. Data available on provides a starting point for understanding the current state of this crisis in the Northeast Ohio region and can help to inform solutions.


Celebrating Black History Month and the Pioneers Who Broke Barriers to Impact Healthcare

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 2/15/2024

Every February, the United States celebrates Black History Month as a time to honor and reflect on the significant achievements, sacrifices and contributions of African Americans. Despite facing the challenge of racism, Black leaders emerged in the healthcare industry with innovative solutions that saved and improved the lives of millions of people around the world. These accomplishments have made a lasting impact and are beacons of inspiration. Below are just a few of the many Black pioneers who changed healthcare forever:


Activate Health Provider Connections to Prevent Human Trafficking

Posted By Jodi Mitchell | 1/25/2024

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and this year’s theme – Activate Connections to Prevent Human Trafficking – recognizes the importance of partnerships and collaboration. Human trafficking cannot be prevented by any one individual, community, organization, or government. To improve the lives of those we serve, we must activate connections throughout the systems that impact individual, family, community, and societal health and well-being.


The Critical Role of Harm Reduction in Preventing Overdoses and Saving-Lives

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 11/30/2023

Empowering people who use drugs with the choice to live healthier lives, harm reduction is a transformative approach that includes prevention, risk reduction and health promotion. Harm reduction faces stigma head on, acknowledging substance use disorder (SUD) as a medical diagnosis and recognizing the complexity of SUD treatment and recovery. With the integration of a harm reduction approach into policies, programs and practices, communities can mitigate some of the dangers of drug use and – the ultimate goal of harm reduction work – save lives.


Understanding Medicaid Unwinding and its Impact on the Healthcare System

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 11/2/2023

What’s being called “Medicaid unwinding” began seven months ago, ending a three-year stretch of uninterrupted health coverage for millions of Medicaid enrollees in Ohio and nationwide. Let’s examine how it came about and how many have been affected.


Understanding Health Equity and the Connection to Social Determinants of Health

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 10/19/2023

The terms “health equity,” “social determinants of health” and “health disparities” frequently are used when describing the differences in health and healthcare outcomes experienced by different populations and communities. But what do these terms mean and how can the understanding of each lead to better health for every citizen?


Utilizing the Healthy NEO Website: Seven Helpful Features for Grant Writers

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 10/5/2023

Creating a winning grant proposal can be challenging, but the capabilities of the Healthy Northeast Ohio website can make the experience easier by providing you with the tools and data you need for a persuasive proposal.


Behavioral Health Experts Share Solutions to Pressing Behavioral Health Needs

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 9/28/2023

Ohio, like virtually the entire nation, is facing a significant crisis when it comes to behavioral healthcare. A report by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services found that nearly 2.4 million Ohioans live in communities that do not have enough behavioral health professionals.


The Story Behind Igniting Compassion, a Film About Treatment, Recovery and Hope

Posted By The Center for Health Affairs | 9/21/2023

Earlier this summer, The Center released the documentary, Igniting Compassion after a premiere to a packed audience of healthcare professionals, local nonprofit and community outreach groups, and individuals in recovery. 

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