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Physician Shortage Video a First for The Center

Physician Shortage Video a First for The Center

Wed, Apr 19, 2017  -  Comments (0)  -   Posted by Deanna Moore

The Center for Health Affairs has just released its first animated video - a physician shortage video. The piece lasts less than two minutes, pulls out the major themes highlighted in our latest Issue Brief and makes them quickly accessible for the time-crunched reader who is hungry for a health policy snack, rather than a 21-course health policy meal. (Note to self, check into whether 21 courses is even a thing, and if it is, find out where to try it out.)

Why Would We Do This?

Over the last decade, The Centers’ Public Affairs Team has spent a lot of time describing health policy and the healthcare environment through white papers. Our goal has always been to provide timely healthcare information on topics that affect Northeast Ohio, such as the primary care physician shortage, and I think we’ve done a very good job at that; however, do I sincerely believe everyone we’re reaching out to is reading every word of these 20-page papers? Of course I don’t. While I am an optimist, I’m not delusional. In a world too dependent on snappy headlines and 140-character tweets for mass information consumption, who among us has the patience to read 20 whole pages of health policy analysis? I’m guessing not very many ‒ though I’m sure there are a handful who find them useful, even more who skim them, and even more who save them for reference.

Good communicators must not only communicate well but in a way that resonates with all the members of their audience and as our world and communication technology evolved, we knew we needed to make some changes to stay current. Our new healthcare blog is one way we’re doing that. The physician shortage video is an example of another communication method we’re adapting to better connect with all members of our audience. We loved the idea of highlighting our key message from our Issue Briefs on healthcare topics and turning it into digestible content that almost anyone – even those with the most splintered attention spans ‒ could appreciate.

Access Info in Three Ways

So, in case you’re keeping track, there are now three ways for you to access the information in our Issue Briefs, including our most recent one, “Bridging the Gap: APRNs, PAs & the Primary Care Physician Shortage”:

1. Read all 20-or-so glorious pages of insightful, meaningful, well-researched content.

2. Listen to all 20-or-so glorious pages of insightful, meaningful, well-researched content read by The Center’s very own, top-tier voice talent. Eh hem. (*Blushes* *Clears throat* *Asks for hot lemon water to sooth the vocal cords*)

3. Watch the concise, snappy, animated video to get the main idea.

We hope you enjoy the variety. Let us know what you think of our physician shortage video by commenting below. Find all of our publications, from Issue Briefs to animated videos at

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