AHRQ Releases First Compendium of Hospital System Data

Posted By Michele Fancher | 10/4/2017

AHRQ has released for the first time a national dataset on hospital systems. The new AHRQ data compendium includes hospital system data from 626 systems representing 70 percent of U.S. hospitals , 88 percent of hospital beds, and 92 percent of discharges.


What Impacts Wage Index?

Posted By Deanna Moore | 8/10/2017

Not only do we need to understand the effect operational decisions have on the income statement, we must also understand what impacts wage index, since it plays such a significant role in a region’s Medicare reimbursement.


Northeast Ohio Hospital Payer Mix: A Tale of Intrigue and Mystery

Posted By Deanna Moore | 5/2/2017

Annually, The Center for Health Affairs collects payer mix information from its member hospitals. Those who are familiar with hospital finance know that this information is critical to understanding the financial picture of a hospital.


2018 Wage Index Prophesies and Other Wintertime Magic

Posted By Deanna Moore | 1/16/2017

Would I be wrong if I guessed that perhaps you’re not quite as excited about the 2018 wage index thing as you are about some of the other winter-time happenings? After all, what is wage index anyway but a...

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