Pay for Success: 101 on an Innovative Payment Mechanism

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 12/14/2017

I had the good fortune recently of partnering with Jacqueline Matloub, a research associate at Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Community Health Integration, on an Issue Brief focused on the Pay for Success model.


Celebrate Your Plate Campaign Gains Support of CHNA Roundtable

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 11/14/2017

This year, I’m thankful for projects that have been simmering for a while and that have suddenly gained significant traction. One of these is Celebrate Your Plate.


Federal Food Policy & American Health

Posted By Michele Fancher | 11/6/2017

U.S. federal food policy and the status of Americans’ health are inextricably linked. And in fact, the federal government’s work related to our food system ultimately has a tremendous impact on the performance of the American healthcare system.


What does Population Health Mean?

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 10/20/2017

Population health is a term that is used a lot in healthcare circles. While the term is growing in popularity, confusion about what it means has also been growing.


Power of Partnership: Cuyahoga County Board of Health, HIP-Cuyahoga & The Center

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 7/24/2017

Terry Allan frequently talks about how public health and clinical health were “separated at birth.” I’ll tell you what − the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and HIP-Cuyahoga deserve a lot of credit for the work they’ve been doing to try to remedy that situation in Cuyahoga County.


Spirit of CHNAs Realized: Lakewood Wellness Foundation Planning Task Force Seeks Community Health Data

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 7/17/2017

I always think it’s pretty awesome when my work life and personal life collide, which is what happened to me recently when my friend Judy Wright called and asked if I could present information to the Lakewood Wellness Foundation Planning Task Force on which she serves.


Northeast Ohio Community Benefit Spending: 2015 Data Deciphered

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 6/2/2017

Recently, I was invited to present information on population health planning and Northeast Ohio community benefit spending to the Northeast Ohio chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (NEO HFMA).


CHNAs Drive Hospital Community Health Focus

Posted By Kirstin Craciun | 3/24/2017

The spirit of the ACA encourages hospitals to collaborate with others when conducting their CHNAs to ensure the health needs of medically underserved, low-income and/or minority populations are addressed.

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