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January 24, 2020 (Cleveland)

Northeast Ohio Hospital Opioid Consortium Welcomes Dr. David Streem as Physician Chair

David StreemThe Northeast Ohio Hospital Opioid Consortium welcomes new leadership this month as David Streem, MD, steps into the role of physician chair. Dr. Streem, medical director of alcohol and drug recovery at Cleveland Clinic, will serve in the role for two years. Under his leadership, the Opioid Consortium continues the work set in motion by Randy Jernejcic, MD, vice president of clinical integration at University Hospitals, who as the Opioid Consortium’s first physician chair, led the collaborative in 2018 and 2019.

The Center for Health Affairs extends its gratitude to Dr. Jernejcic for his thoughtful and dedicated leadership. It was with his guidance that the Opioid Consortium’s governance structure was created and its two-year strategic plan was developed and implemented. During his tenure, the Opioid Consortium made substantial progress on its strategic initiatives, including developing and launching an online opioid education program for nurses, creating and publishing an online naloxone toolkit to encourage the use of naloxone, and successfully obtaining federal grant funding, in concert with numerous partners, to support further work in health professionals education.

The Center also wishes to thank Dr. Streem, who has had ongoing involvement in the Opioid Consortium as a member of the Executive Committee, for stepping forward to lend his time and expertise. Under his leadership, the Opioid Consortium will continue to forge ahead with objectives related to education, naloxone access, public policy and other key initiatives.

“I’m pleased to be serving as physician chair of the Opioid Consortium,” said Dr. Streem. “I look forward to guiding this initiative and continuing to work closely with my colleagues within the health systems in Northeast Ohio as we develop and implement important programming aimed at saving lives.”

The Opioid Consortium also welcomes a new member of the Executive Committee. As Dr.  Jernejcic steps away from his role, Jeanne Lackamp, MD, director of the UH Pain Management Institute at University Hospitals, now represents that health system on the Executive Committee.

A feature on the Opioid Consortium’s news leadership along with highlights of its work to date was published this month in the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio’s Northern Ohio Physician.

MORE: For more on the Opioid Consortium, contact us.

TWEETABLE: Northeast Ohio Hospital #OpioidConsortium welcomes Dr. David Streem as its new physician chair this year and extends its gratitude to Dr. Randy Jernejcic for his leadership in 2018 and 2019.


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