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 Andrea Bishop, BSN Andrea Bishop, BSN
Emergency Preparedness Project Manager

Andrea Bishop, BSN, is the emergency preparedness project manager at The Center for Health Affairs. In this role, she assists designated Northeast Ohio hospitals and healthcare facilities with planning and preparing for all-hazards events.

She works in collaboration with Beth Gatlin, RN, MA-HSM, The Center's ASPR project director, to manage emergency preparedness grant-funded program activities and initiatives based on objectives and goals to enhance regional disaster preparedness efforts in the Northeast Ohio healthcare community.

Bishop attends numerous state planning and committee meetings with community agencies to promote disaster and terrorism preparedness in the region, state and nation under directives provided by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). As the direction of ASPR Grant funding has moved from equipment purchase to proficiency in the use of that equipment, she has been spending an increased amount of time on exercise planning and development to fulfill both the ASPR exercise deliverables and also incorporate standards set by The Joint Commission Emergency Management Chapter for Accreditation. These regional exercises help facilitate collaboration between hospitals, healthcare facilities and regional partners within Northeast Ohio to work collectively in response to an event. 

Andrea has been involved in the implementation process on the state patient tracking system, OHTrac, since its acquisition in 2008. Her efforts have been focused on assisting hospitals with processes that would enable them to efficiently incorporate the use of the system during events to facilitate patient tracking and family reunification. Additionally, she has been working with the EMS community to incorporate use of the system during mass casualty incidents, which would ultimately benefit regional partners during response to such an event.  

Prior to her current role, Bishop has 23 years experience as a registered nurse. Her primary focus was in emergency rooms. She also has 20 years of service in the Navy Nurse Corps. Her experiences in the military and hospital settings collectively add to her ability to advocate in the hospitals' best interest related to emergency preparedness issues. 

Bishop's areas of expertise include:

  • OHTrac Implementation
  • ASPR Directives and Grant Funding
  • Emergency Preparedness Exercise Planning and Development

For more information or to contact Andrea Bishop, please call 800.362.2628 ext. 3662 or contact us.