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October 26, 2011 (Cleveland)

Web Resource Tracks Health Reform Law Developments

The early 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act, though it followed months of high-profile legislative discourse and activity, really could be considered only the beginning of a lengthy debate about the future of that landmark legislation. The months following that bill becoming law have been replete with action by state policymakers and private organizations working to halt its implementation. Following that flurry of activity and remaining current on the unfolding events have proven to be challenging. To that end, The Center has enhanced a section of its website dedicated to health reform. There readers can find background information regarding the law as well as resources delving into the impact of the law on both consumers and the healthcare industry and the legal challenges it faces. There has been no shortage of information about the winding path health reform is taking and this website organizes them all in a scanable and easily accessible format.

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