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December 20, 2012 (Cleveland)

The Center Releases Patient Navigation Publication

Patient Navigation PublicationThe Center’s latest publication, an issue brief entitled, The Emerging Field of Patient Navigation: A Golden Opportunity to Improve Healthcare, shines the spotlight on the growing field of patient navigation. Medical care has grown increasingly sophisticated, offering ever-more promise of successful treatment and positive outcomes for even some of the most devastating illnesses. Yet, for many patients realizing this promise is not as easy as it may seem. While it’s true that medical care is more sophisticated, it’s also more complex. Successful treatment means patients must painstakingly follow complicated care regimens return regularly to a variety of care providers and successfully cope with a host of challenges along the way. Patient navigation aims to ease this process for patients, helping them overcome roadblocks to care. This patient navigation publication examines the evolution of the field, how navigators benefit patients and the healthcare system and recent patient navigation developments in Northeast Ohio.

For more information on this patient navigation publication or to learn more about this emerging field, contact Deanna Moore at 216.255.3614 or dmoore@chanet.org.


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