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January 19, 2012 (Cleveland)

New and Improved Reporting Functionality Implemented for Volume Statistics

Volume Statistics users will now have an easier time getting the information they need out of the database thanks to new functionality implemented in January.  The new reporting platform allows users to select which report they would like to see, including the master report, and export it to their preferred format, including XML, CSV, PDF, HTML, Excel or Word.  This change is intended to allow more flexibility and increase the ease of use for those who access the reports.  In order to access the new tool, users were required to accept the terms of a new user agreement, which aims to protect the confidentiality of the information available from the tool.

In addition to improved functionality, the new platform also introduces two new customizable reports:

Twelve-Month Statistical Chart — This new tool allows users to see a one-year trend of a selected variable by hospital.  The report is presented as a trend line.  For example, users could select total patient discharges for November 2010 through November 2011 and compare their hospital to all other member hospitals or to only a select group of member hospitals.

Hospital Historical Data — This new report allows users to look at a specified time period for one or more variables by hospital.  The result is presented as a spreadsheet.  For example, users could select Emergency Department Cases and Admissions from the Emergency Department for a two-year time period for their own hospital.  They could also add one or more hospitals from The Center for Health Affairs membership if they were interested in comparison.

For additional information on The Center’s improved Volume Statistics reporting functionality contact Deanna Moore at 216.255.3614 or deanna.moore@chanet.org


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