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April 01, 2013 (Olmsted Falls)

Olmsted Falls Resolution to Expand Medicaid Applauded

Ordinance urges Ohio lawmakers to extend coverage to uninsured

NewsThe City of Olmsted Falls adopted resolution number 22-2013 on Monday, March 12th, urging Governor Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly to expand Medicaid in the 2014-2015 biennial budget. The resolution depicts the expansion as crucial to Northeast Ohio’s workforce, noting that Ohio’s hospitals support over 576,000 jobs statewide.

The resolution, passed by Olmsted Falls City Council, identifies Medicaid extension as essential to supporting the hospital community in Northeast Ohio, and warns that healthcare employees could experience layoffs if the Ohio legislature chooses not to expand the program. The Council argued that if the state were to expand Medicaid  it would lessen the burden on Ohio hospitals, citing the nearly $1.04 billion in charity care and $645 million in uncollected debt the state’s hospitals sustain each year.

“The city of Olmsted Falls clearly understands the relationship between our hospitals and the vibrancy of the economy in Ohio, and views the opportunity to expand Medicaid  as crucial to the longevity of our health systems,” said Deanna Moore, vice president of corporate communications for The Center for Health Affairs. “The Center applauds the efforts of the city of Olmsted Falls and all municipalities committed to establishing broad-based support for this critical issue.”

Governor Kasich’s 2014-2015 executive budget proposal includes provisions from the recently passed Affordable Care Act to extend Medicaid eligibility for Ohio’s uninsured residents. The proposal is currently working its way through the state legislature; however, several municipalities have already begun issuing resolutions urging lawmakers to include the provision to extend coverage. The Ohio General Assembly has until June 31, 2013 to pass the budget, which will be enacted immediately after it is signed by the Governor.

An official copy of the resolution can be found by visiting the Olmsted Falls City Council website. Additional information regarding efforts to expand Medicaid, as well as other important health topics, can be found at The Center for Health Affairs website



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