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July 30, 2013 (Cleveland)

The Center Begins Three-Year Strategic Direction Development

NewsPlanning is now underway for The Center’s three-year strategic direction that will serve as a blueprint for the association’s work from 2014 -2016.

Like the three-year strategic direction in place for 2011-2013, the new strategic direction will be grouped into five broad categories: data & information, workforce, policy & economic development, quality & safety and community programs. These broad categories, described in more detail below, will allow the association to continue programming in areas the membership has indicated are important to them and to develop new programming.

Strategic Initiative 1.0 – Data & Information
Provide member hospitals with timely, accurate and meaningful information that is valuable for improving our members’ operational effectiveness.

Strategic Initiative 2.0 Workforce
Assist members in creating and developing the healthcare workforce for the 21st century.

Strategic Initiative 3.0 – Policy & Economic Development
Fully utilize the collective leverage of our members in the areas of community development, economic development and public policy. Provide regular, timely and relevant information to C-suite leaders on emerging issues of opportunity and threat to members.

Strategic Initiative 4.0 – Quality & Safety
Support member hospitals in achieving or exceeding public indicators and best practice benchmarks in quality of care and patient safety through educational opportunities, sharing of data and interpretation of data to the media.

Strategic Initiative 5.0 – Community Programs
Create opportunities for hospitals/health systems to coordinate/collaborate to identify and address the health needs of the community and enhance the benefits they provide to Northeast Ohio community.

The process will be shaped by the input of five focus groups, one for each category, composed of board members and non-board member hospital representatives who have familiarity with existing programming. Multiple meetings will be held over the summer with each focus group to develop a strategy for each of the five areas. Together, the work of these groups will culminate in a formal three-year strategic direction, which will be presented to the full board in September.

If you have questions about the development of The Center’s three-year strategic direction or if you would like to provide input, please contact Deanna Moore at 216.255.3614 or deanna.moore@chanet.org or Lisa Anderson at 216.255.3660 or lisa.anderson@chanet.org.

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