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September 07, 2015 (Cleveland)

GCHA Scorecard Unveiled at Board Meeting

GCHA ScorecardAt its latest board meeting, trustees of the Greater Cleveland Healthcare Association (GCHA), the board that oversees the nonprofit programs of The Center for Health Affairs, received a GCHA Scorecard, covering the period from January – June 2015. This newly created piece is intended to provide a snapshot of the recent activities and programs that fall under GCHA’s purview and that are a part of The Center for Health Affairs 3-year strategic direction.

The biannual report includes both qualitative and quantitative metrics and covers six program areas: emergency preparedness, prep2practice™, ACEMAPP, NEONI, Behavioral Health RoundTable and the PERQS Center. Highlights from the GCHA Scorecard include: 

Emergency Preparedness

  • 26 Drills 
  • 142 Special Event Off Hours and On-call Hours as Regional Hospital Liaison to EMAs 


  • 287 Students completing experiences in the 2014-2015 school year
  • 31 New Client Leads 


  • 3,676 Active Students in Passport in 2014-2015 school year
  • 24 Schools of Nursing and 28 Clinical Sites Participating 


  • 168 Participants at Nursing Leadership Event
  • 1 Nursing Forecaster Consulting Project 

Behavioral Health RoundTable

  • 34 Member Hospitals Participating 

PERQS Center

  • 8 Member Hospitals Involved in Professionalism Research Study
  • 9 Member Hospitals Participating in Nursing Research Database

“We know measurement has become increasingly important for nonprofits. It’s not always easy to measure what we do quantitatively, but to the extent we can, we wanted to give the GCHA board a tool to understand the progress we’re making on our programs,” explained Lisa Anderson, senior vice president of member services. “I think the biannual update is a good start.” 

The next GCHA scorecard is expected at the beginning of 2016. For more information on GCHA and its activities, contact Lisa Anderson at 216.255.3660 or via email.


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