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September 29, 2015 (Cleveland)

New Report Estimates 2015 Member ROI at 30.08

New Report Estimates 2015 Member ROI at 30.08According to a new report from The Center for Health Affairs, member ROI for 2015 is 30.08. In other words, for every dollar member hospitals pay in dues, they receive $30.08 in value. Member ROI as well as metrics evaluating the association’s progress on its strategic direction were released in an updated strategic direction metrics package that includes a Return on Investment Report for 2015 and a Strategic Direction Scorecard reflecting data through the first half of the year. The scorecard is updated twice a year and the member ROI Report is updated annually.

The Strategic Direction Scorecard includes metrics in four categories, which reflect the association’s community roles: to inform, to connect and convene, to spur participation and to produce outcomes. Providing value, another role of the organization, is reflected in the Return on Investment Report, which details member ROI. Metrics in each of these areas provide a snapshot of The Center’s progress on its 3-year strategic direction, which spans 2014-2016. Selected achievements from the scorecard include:

  • Wage index project will result in an additional $27.2 million in Medicare fee-for-service and managed care reimbursement for fiscal year 2016.
  • Volume Statistics program updates decrease report turn-around time almost in half, from 40 to 22 days.
  • 29 Drills and exercises conducted through the Emergency Preparedness program.
  • 81 people attended the first Violence Summit, which brought together hospitals and community organizations to discuss methods for mitigating violence against healthcare workers.

The Strategic Direction Scorecard, which is flexible and allows for reporting on current association activities, includes both quantitative and qualitative information. Additional information on The Center’s activities is available in the monthly Quick Scan e-newsletter, on the website and through social media.

A supplemental piece was released in conjunction with the ROI Report to provide additional information about The Center’s metrics and how they were derived. ROI Report Assumptions outlines the value of each program, how the value was calculated and the associated costs. It also highlights the assumptions used by the association in determining member ROI such as:

  • Numbers presented in the ROI Report are The Center’s best estimates of cost and value and are subject to interpretation.
  • Estimates are intentionally conservative and err on the low side.
  • In some cases where it is difficult to estimate, value is simply stated as cost, which significantly underestimates true value.

The next Strategic Direction Scorecard update is expected in February, 2016. A Member ROI Report update is planned for September 2016. For more information on The Center’s metrics package, contact Deanna Moore at 216.255.3614 or via email.


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