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September 28, 2016 (Cleveland, OH)

Economic Impact of Hospitals in Northeast Ohio Now Available

Hospitals in Northeast Ohio Hospitals in Northeast Ohio contributed to a direct and indirect labor income of $11.5 billion and a total of 167,534 jobs in the region, according to a new report released by The Center for Health Affairs. The report, which The Center publishes for its hospital members roughly every three years, was completed by professors of regional economics at the Oklahoma State University. Taking a deeper look at the healthcare sector in Northeast Ohio, the study examines the far-reaching impact of the region’s hospitals on the local labor market and assesses the tax impact, utilization, average annual salary and the community benefit of hospitals in Northeast Ohio and the communities they serve.

“This information is not surprising to anyone familiar with the Cleveland health care sector,” explained Bill Ryan, president and CEO of The Center for Health Affairs. “Hospitals are always our top employers, they always fill the top few slots on “largest employers” lists, and the region is nationally known for its hospitals. People travel from across the country − and even across the world − to receive care here.”

The report, which was also published as a two-page infographic, uses data from several sources, including The Center for Health Affairs’ Volume Statistics Report, which compiles hospital utilization data from all of the region’s hospitals; The Center’s tax study, which examines the local taxes and community benefit of hospitals in Northeast Ohio; and an economic impact report commissioned by The Center. Highlights include the following:

  • Direct employment in Northeast Ohio hospitals – 81,836
  • Total labor income due to direct employment − $6.8 billion
  • Total beds – 9,851
  • Average number of daily inpatients – 4,627
  • Number of patients treated annually in emergency departments – 1,233,870
  • Average salary with benefits of a hospital worker − $82,825
  • Percentage of patients who visit from outside the region – 16.9%
  • Total community benefit − $1.8 billion
The study highlights what most already know about healthcare in the region: hospitals in Northeast Ohio continue to support the local workforce and economy by creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs for residents and producing over a billion dollars in labor income.

In addition to the full economic impact report, The Center has also compiled hospital-specific information as an additional benefit for its members. With individualized information at their fingertips, hospital members have the ability to highlight achievements and convey their message to community stakeholders, lawmakers or other interested parties.

For more information on the economic impact of hospitals in Northeast Ohio, or for a copy of your hospital’s individualized study, contact Deanna Moore, vice president, corporate communications at 216.255.3614 or via email


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