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September 14, 2021 (Cleveland, OH)

The Center for Health Affairs and Entanglement Partner to Bring Quantum-Bridging Solutions to Members, Clients

The Center for Health Affairs and its business affiliates CHAMPS Group Purchasing and The Essentials Group have joined together with Entanglement Inc. to provide The Center and CHAMPS’ membership with advanced computing capabilities, professional services, AI, and quantum & quantum-inspired optimizations.

The Center for Health Affairs, the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, today announced a strategic partnership with Entanglement Inc. (Ei), an early-stage quantum and advanced computing company, to bring forth the next generation of computing breakthroughs for healthcare and medical applications. With the agreement, Entanglement joins The Essentials Group's vendor category for Data & Technology. The Center’s member hospitals, as well as healthcare members of its business affiliates CHAMPS Group Purchasing and Essentials, will be able to utilize the benefits of the partnership.

Entanglement’s applications and capabilities provide cybersecurity for digital medical records, solve scheduling challenges, optimize global supply chains and manage stockpiles of medical equipment. In addition, The Center’s membership will have access to advanced computing capabilities utilizing quantum bridging applications, optimization and artificial intelligence to position their organizations for a competitive advantage and exceptional patient experience.

“Observing the Midwest’s enthusiasm for adopting breakthrough computing technology, we are extremely excited to partner with the nation’s first hospital association and play a part in establishing irreversible momentum in a sector where the impact of these technological breakthroughs will be felt the most”, said Jason Turner, Chairman of Entanglement. “Through universities and private industry, the heartland of America has come together to welcome the quantum and advanced computing revolution and the associated technologies that will bridge computational capabilities from what we know today so as to change the landscape of most vertical markets, including healthcare and the medical industry. Entanglement will not only provide a marked advantage to companies in this market, but will also incrementally provide more secure, more responsive, and more predictive medical services for our nation’s patients. Through our partnership, we will bring new applications and optimizations to the local healthcare and medical community, build upon Cleveland’s reputation in this area, and bolster local economic development efforts.”

Entanglement was founded in 2017 with a focus on lowering the barriers to entry for solving seemingly unsolvable real-world problems. Through the democratization of integrated computing capabilities and utilizing the experience of its team, Entanglement provides a bridge from classical to quantum and advanced computation.

Launched in January 2020, The Essentials Group is the latest business line of The Center, providing a portfolio of high-quality products and services aimed to drive efficiencies and bottom-line impact to clients and members of The Center and CHAMPS Group Purchasing.

About The Center for Health Affairs: With a rich history as the nation’s first regional hospital association, The Center for Health Affairs serves as the collective voice and leading advocate for 36 hospitals across nine counties in Northeast Ohio. Through its business affiliates, CHAMPS Group Purchasing (GPO) and The Essentials Group, The Center provides a broad level of professional services to its members. CHAMPS GPO leverages the purchasing power of 19,000+ member locations across the United States by aggregating purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers and distributors they use every day. The Essentials Group is designed to further elevate the value to the collective membership base of The Center and CHAMPS GPO by serving as an incubator for new concepts and forging partnerships which bring forward solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and outcomes.

About Entanglement, Inc.: Entanglement is an early-stage quantum and advanced computing company dedicated to providing unprecedented commercial access to diverse advanced computing systems that service a broad range of customers. Entanglement accelerates the development of quantum information science (QIS) and artificial intelligence (AI) by aligning its world-class team to an environment that enables customers to innovate rapidly without enormous up-front capital investments. Entanglement is the place customers go to solve previously unsolvable problems, a place that is making the promise of quantum a reality. For more information, please visit www.entanglement.ai

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