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July 22, 2021 (Cleveland, OH)

The Center for Health Affairs Launches COVID-19 Data Visualization Framework

The Center for Health Affairs, the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, announces the launch of the COVID-19 Dynamic HPI, a publicly available web application that allows for the monitoring and analysis of pandemic-related data through live key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics and dashboards.

The COVID-19 Dynamic Health Performance Indicators (HPI) framework, powered by Transpara’s Visual KPI real-time monitoring software (www.transpara.com), enables viewers to dynamically view and analyze worldwide COVID-19 data and apply this information to specific sites, communities and use cases. The solution integrates multiple official sources of data and visualizes them through live dashboards and other views on any device. More importantly, it illuminates insights and useful analytics such as:
  • Case and death totals, including both aggregate and per-capita.
  • Growth and recovery rates with moving averages.
  • Case fatality rates (CFR).
  • Multiple visualizations and live trending.
  • Visual geographic hierarchy with automated rollups at every level.
  • Ability to make custom, personalized dashboards.

Since it began more than one year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all individuals, businesses and industries globally. As healthcare organizations and others in the community work toward a full recovery, the COVID-19 Dynamic HPI provides the ability to make better, more informed decisions faster, with higher accuracy and, most importantly, with context.

The Dynamic HPI framework joins The Center’s Data Hub, a solutions portfolio on the edge of healthcare’s data-driven evolution. The Center’s Data Hub is creating a centralized environment of cutting-edge technology-based solutions to enable sound data-driven decisions in an era of exponential data growth. Bringing forward solutions like Dynamic HPI will help make data a strategic asset for all organizations and communities.

The Center for Health Affairs has a strong track record of expanding regional member programs to a national audience. This history includes responding to moments of crisis with innovative solutions. As a trusted advisor to member hospitals, The Center aims to help those organizations along with community partners become more agile when facing challenges today and in the future. The Dynamic HPI application is designed for long-term use beyond the current crisis and will be used to surface real-time information across many sources of data and for a broad array of uses.

To learn more how the Dynamic HPI environment can become part of your daily experience, contact Endrit Meta, director of Data Management, The Center for Health Affairs.

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