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April 21, 2022 (Cleveland)

Success Stories Spotlight Healthy Northeast Ohio’s Use Cases

Healthy Northeast Ohio (Healthy NEO) welcomes planners, policy-makers and community stakeholders to use its site as a tool for community assessment, strategic planning, identifying best practices for improvement, collaboration and advocacy. The web-based platform provides ongoing opportunities for partners to contribute local data, resources, reports and publications and promising practices. To showcase use cases within the Northeast Ohio community, Healthy NEO has developed success story flyers to present productive outcomes born out of platform usage.

In its first success story, high school students from the Mastery School of Hawken in Cleveland were presented with a challenge by the Healthy Northeast Ohio team to identify the chronic illness or community condition that is most impacting Cuyahoga County, and an evidence-based solution to address it. The students used Healthy Northeast Ohio’s 300+ data indicators and Promising Practices database to create compelling visual communications aimed at changing the mind of a target audience about their selected condition. This course provided the students with an opportunity to learn more about public health data and community health improvement strategies.

The second success story looks at Healthy NEO’s Vaccine Ambassador Toolkit, a collaborative effort from partners in Cuyahoga County that included vetted COVID-19 resources aimed at increasing levels of vaccine readiness and building trust in communities of color. Through Healthy Northeast Ohio, a Vaccine Ambassador Toolkit webpage was launched as a way to easily share these resources with partners. Since the creation of this toolkit, it continues to be one of the most-visited pages on Healthy Northeast Ohio and serves as an example of using a shared platform to disseminate credible resources to support community health improvement.

Future success stories are expected to be released in the coming months. To learn more, visit this webpage


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