Publications for the Northeast Ohio Healthcare and Hospital Industry
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Publications for the Northeast Ohio Healthcare and Hospital Industry

The Center’s member programming staff continuously supports the Northeast Ohio healthcare and hospital industry by producing publications, studies, reports and data resources that educate opinion leaders, legislators and the community on topics affecting the region’s hospitals and healthcare landscape.

Hospital Community Benefit


Community benefits are programs and activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing as a response to community needs. The objectives of these programs or activities include improving access to healthcare services and enhancing public health. The Center’s community benefit analysis is based on data reported by its non-governmental, acute-care member hospitals on their IRS Form 990s.

Hospital Finance 101

This 30,000-foot view of hospital finance serves as an overview of the various entities that pay for healthcare and an explanation of hospitals’ revenue sources.

Economic Impact Reports

Thousands of jobs and billions in wages are generated every year by area hospitals, according to the latest Northeast Ohio hospital economic impact report. Hospitals in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties directly employ more than 81,000 people and their 2015 construction projects employed another 4,300 people.

Nursing Forecaster

The Center's Nursing Forecaster provides a precise way of assisting nursing leaders and educators in their efforts to plan and prepare a future nursing workforce for decades to come.

Volume Statistics (Members Only)

The Center's Volume Statistics Program collects 24 data points each month from Northeast Ohio member hospitals. The data collected from each hospital are then aggregated into a report containing 118 indicators, including calculations for the average length of stay and the average daily census for five inpatient service types. Contact us for more information.

Additional Publications

Occasionally The Center releases special publications to inform legislators and other community leaders on relevant issues affecting the healthcare industry.

Partner Hospital Association Publications


American Hospital Association
The American Hospital Association's AHA Today daily newsletter presents a roundup of news and resources from the AHA. It includes rotating features to highlight the AHA's offerings and work for the nation's hospitals and health systems.

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Ohio Hospital Association

Ohio Hospital Association
Ohio Hospital Newswire is a weekly publication by OHA for employees of member hospitals, media and community stakeholders interested in the hospital industry in Ohio.

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