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August 20, 2015

Study Quantifies Contributions of Hospitals Receiving Nonprofit Property Tax Exemption

Tax StudyDespite their nonprofit property tax exemption, hospitals in Northeast Ohio contributed more than $99 million to local municipalities in direct revenue and over $900 million in community benefit, according to recent data. The study, conducted by the Ohio Tax Group, quantifies the collective contributions made by hospitals and lays to rest the notion that charitable nonprofit hospitals absorb more resources than they return to the community.

The nonprofit property tax exemption has served an intrinsic role in the development of Northeast Ohio’s hospital community. Through this growth, these institutions have gone far beyond their obligations as tax-exempt entities to meet their charitable objectives and the needs of the community. Had it not been for their tax-exempt status, this would not have been possible.

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For more information regarding the study or hospitals’ nonprofit property tax exemption, please contact Tony Gutowski, public policy development manager, via email or at 216.255.3610.


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